Post Grad Media was started by me (Dawn Myers) as a result of career confusion, dozens of job applications and a fiery passion against the 9-5 work model.

As a 23 year-old business owner, college graduate, coffee lover, extroverted introvert and impulsive entrepreneur I have come to the conclusion that too many young people don't consider a career path beyond the constructs of society or their respective major. As a marketing major, I began Rhipped Label with zero fashion/design schooling, not to mention zero experience running a business at all.

Let’s back up... I wasn’t valedictorian, didn't graduate with honors; in fact, I walked across the stage without my stoll because it fell off as I was getting out of my seat. Really just graduated with a black cloak and an ill fitting cap. I'm telling you this just to prove you really don't need 10 years of schooling, a great internship and a high profile job under your belt before you go on to pursue your own passions. I've made a lot of mistakes, but learned more since starting my business than I ever did in the confines of a classroom - or 'waiting until I was ready'.

here are too many job seekers and not enough job providers. Too much student debt. Too many people going to work at a job they hate. I'm here to interview the people who have inspired me to rebel against living for the 9-5 and believe in my own talents, passions, and potential.  

“People don’t fear hard work, they fear meaningless work.”